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Subscriptions are annual, based on a calendar year. You may select from
one to fifteen project categories to match your firm's areas of
specialization. The service is provided online through this website
(see "Subscriber Service" on the Home Page).
Annual subscription fees are as follows:

Number of Project Categories Online
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Six to Seven Project Categories
Eight or more Project Categories


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Architectural/structural Planning
Bridge Sewer
Construction Management Streets
Drainage Survey
Environmental Traffic Signal
Geotechnical Transportation
Miscellaneous Water
Parks All of the above

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ARCHITECTURAL/STRUCTURAL: Architectural and structural engineering for new construction, reconstruction, other work on buildings and structures other than bridges. Bridge: Rehabilitation, reconstruction, or new construction of bridges or viaducts.
CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Project management, inspection and other services to be provided during the construction phase of a project.
DRAINAGE: Drainage studies, design and construction work on storm sewers, detention ponds, or other drainage facilities.
ENVIRONMENTAL: Environmental impact and assessment studies, real estate-related environmental studies, wetlands consulting, hazardous materials mitigation, contamination investigations, etc.
GEOTECHNICAL/TESTING: Soil investigations, materials testing (asphalt, concrete, etc.)
PLANNING AND URBAN DESIGN: Urban planning, comprehensive plans, downtown development plans, etc. Street or park-type design projects with substantial planning or urban design elements are cross-listed in this category.
MISCELLANEOUS: Any project that does not fit into one of the other major categories. These may involve highly specialized disciplines. Electrical, mechanical, and HVAC design, technology planning and design, dam designs, and general management and operations consulting are among the possible disciplines included in this category.
PARKS: Landscaping, park facilities, irrigation systems, recreational trail development (trail work is cross-listed under "STREETS"; irrigation design is cross-listed in "WATER").
SEWER: Sanitary sewer collection pipelines, lift stations, treatment facilities, etc.
STREETS: Street design, construction, reconstruction, resurfacing; concrete work including curb, gutter, and sidewalk; bike paths, trails, etc.; airport runways/taxiways.
SURVEY: Land, construction, and other types of professional surveying work.
TRAFFIC SIGNAL: Traffic signal design and installation.
TRANSPORTATION: Transportation or traffic studies, master plans, transit plans, etc.
WATER: Water transmission and distribution lines, treatment facilities, storage facilities, pumping facilities, and appurtenances.

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