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Welcome to our Arizona CIP Information Service.


For a fraction of the cost to do the research yourself, our CIP Information Service provides you high quality, accurate long- and short-term public project leads in Arizona. If the RFP is your first information about a project, somebody else is way ahead of you. On a regular basis, we contact hundreds of representatives of cities, counties, state agencies, school districts and other public entities. By using the information we gather for you, you can:
• Save countless hours researching the plans of cities, counties, state agencies, school
  districts and other public entities.
• Focus your efforts on the agencies and projects of most interest to you.
• Track projects from the early planning stages.
• Use our information to develop focused, comprehensive marketing plans and to target the
  agencies and projects that best match your firm’s expertise.
• Learn about future consultant opportunities the easy way. Let us do the legwork for you!

CIP Directory
In early September, we publish the annual CIP Directory, which provides information on projects budgeted and anticipated in long-range Capital Improvement Plans. This report is posted to our website. Subscribers may also order the report in hard copy. Our information is based on first-hand research into the plans and intentions of public entities throughout Arizona. We monitor government agencies statewide to provide advance notice of project opportunities. The Directory includes project listings in 15 project categories. Click here to view project categories.

Regular CIP Updates
Six times a year, on the 15th of August, October, December, February, April and June, we issue CIP Updates, to notify subscribers of RFQ's and RFP's coming up in the following two to three months. Our regular CIP Updates also include a listing of recent consultant selections. These reports are posted to our website, and may also be ordered in hard copy.

Special Updates
Any time we receive information between our regular Update publication dates, we send special notices by e-mail and post them to our website.

Other Information
The website includes information about how each entity does business with consultants, including:
• Professional services selection processes;
• Annual on-call or nonproject-specific contracts;
• In-house capabilities versus projects that would be contracted to consultants.

You may order the complete service, or request selected categories as indicated on the order form. To order, click "Subscribe" on this site, complete the form and click "Submit." You may also send a completed Order Form to CIP Information Service, 1625 Larimer Street, #3003, Denver, CO 80202, fax it to (303) 534-0777, or simply call Maralyn Moore at 800-306-6274.

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